Frequently Asked Questions about HOLOLIGHT
Please make an inquiry if you have any questions.
About IP ratings
Waterproof/dustproof IP rates of HOLOLIGHTs
Indoor type: equivalent to IP40
Simplified outdoor type: equivalent to IP51
Outdoor type: equivalent to IP53
What is the size of the projected light pattern?
The size of the light pattern is in proportion to the irradiation distance. Please let us know the setting height, irradiation position, and the required size of the projected light pattern, etc.; accordingly, we will propose the most suitable devices.​
How long is the lifespan of HOLOLIGHT?
In an environment of 40℃, LED lasts for 40000 hours in design terms when continuously operated.
What is the operating temperature of HOLOLIGHT?
The warranty covers operation conditions of 0-40℃ only. If you need to use HOLOLIGHTs in higher temperatures, then customization is necessary.
Custom-made HOLOLIGHTs can operate in temperatures more than 40℃, but it will be out of the warranty.
Is HOLOLIGHT dangerous to people?
HOLOLIGHT uses LED, so it will not cause damage to the eyes, unlike laser lights.
However, do not look directly at the light as it will dazzle your vision due to high brightness.
Do I have to do maintenance?
Yes, maintenance is necessary.
Please regularly clean the radiator part and surface, and check if each bolt is tightened properly. Please make an inquiry for more details.
How bright is it?
It differs depending on the product and the irradiation distance. Please make an inquiry for more details.
Are there any optional functions?
Build-in or external light dimming functions, flashing control functions, etc. are available on demand.
Not all functions are compatible with all the products; therefore, please make an inquiry for further details.
What are the main applications?
HOLOLIGHT series have various types of light shapes and colors. So, they are used for safety improvement in manufacturing plants as well as stage effects and architectural decoration.
For the detail, please check the “Application” page.
Will Pi PHOTONICS install HOLOLIGHT after purchasing?
We are afraid we do not do installation. We will send the wiring diagrams and the installation instructions, so please install the product following those instructions.
Is there a warranty period?
The warranty expires in a year (twelve months) from the delivery day.
Can you repair HOLOLIGHT if it is malfunctioning?
Yes, we can.
Please return the product, and we will inspect the condition and make a quotation.
If the malfunction or damage is caused due to overvoltage, overheating, dropping, impact, etc., the repair will be chargeable even if it is under warranty.
Can I change the light color or the voltage after purchasing?
Yes, you can.
Please return the product, and we will change it according to your request. Please contact us for a quotation.
How long will it take for the product to arrive?
The lead time (after order) will be:
Less than 10 products: Within 2 weeks
More than 10 products: Negotiable
HOLOLIGHT ARCH mini: for orders received before 12:00 PM, it can be shipped on the same day.
The lead time may vary for overseas shipping.
Where are the products being manufactured?
They are all made in our manufacturing plant in Hamamatsu, Japan.




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