Management of Personal Information

Our company will strictly manage the personal information that has been provided, and appropriate technical measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access, loss, unauthorized alteration, or disclosure.

Purpose and Limitation of Personal Information

When our company collects personal information, we will notify the purpose of collecting in advance, and then collect the information within the limitation that is appropriate.

Use of Personal Information

Our company will use the information for the distribution of HOLOLIGHT News. Depending on the contents of inquiries, our partner companies, subcontractors, or affiliated companies who are our virtual customers may answer the inquiries. For this reason, we may transfer the information you registered to those customers.

Compulsory to Subcontractors

Our company will not provide any personal information for our partner companies, subcontractors, affiliated companies or any other third parties without customers’ consent, unless it’s required in law to disclose the information.

Rules on Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our company will not disclose any personal information provided to us to third parties, except in the following cases:
  • It’s necessary to protect a person’s life, body, or property, and it’s difficult to get your consent.
  • It’s necessary to improve public hygiene or to promote the development of healthy children, and it’s difficult to get your consent.
  • It’s necessary to comply with a government agency, local public institution, or subcontractor to execute administrative work which is provided in the law, and getting your consent might impede the administrative work.
  • Law requires disclosure.
  • You, through our company, apply to a seminar or event which is hosted by a third party, and the third company requires your information.
  • You, through our company, purchase or are claimed payment of our or third party’s products or services, and the third party or transportation company requires your information.
  • Our company transfers a full or part of the business to a third party and provides your information for the third party, or divides the company and provides your information for the divided company.
  • The information will not disclose your identity.
  • Our company reasonably concludes that it’s necessary to provide service for other users.

About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are sent to a user’s computer in order for the website to retain information. Cookies enable the server to record information and to deliver a page tailored to the user. The use of cookies is standard, and they are used on many websites in order to provide better service for users. The user’s computer can be identified by cookies, but the personal information of the individual cannot be identified.

Changes to This Policy

Our company may change, update, revise, and/or modify this policy at any time at our sole discretion without previous notice. We encourage you to frequently review this page for the latest information as we will not notify you individually on all such occasions.




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