October 2006
Established Pi PHOTONICS, INC.
October 2007
Invented HOLOLIGHT for hologram reproduction
April 2008
Opened the company web site
Highly Directive LED HOLOLIGHT went on sale
July 2008
Capital increased to 8.4 million yen
October 2008
Head office moved to Hamamatsu Innovation Cube
June 2009
Outdoor type HOLOLIGHT was approved in Shizuoka prefectural Business Administration Innovation Plan
December 2012
Capital increased to 18.4 million yen
October 2013
Head office moved to Shogen-Cho, Higashi Ward, Hamamatsu City
November 2013
Capital increased to 28.4 million yen
January 2014
Circle-shaped LED Light HOLOLIGHT MARU went on sale
March 2014
Line Type LED Light HOLOLIGHT LINE went on sale
June 2014
Established HOLOLIGHT Factory in Yakushi-Cho, Higashi Ward, Hamamatsu city
September 2014
Capital increased to 38.4 million yen
November 2014
Rainbow Type HOLOLIGHT was approved in Shizuoka prefectural Business Administration Innovation Plan
Rainbow Arch Type LED Light HOLOLIGHT RAINBOW went on sale
February 2015
Square Type LED Light HOLOLIGHT KAKU went on sale
April 2015
Ring Type LED Light HOLOLIGHT RING went on sale
July 2015
Arch Type LED Light HOLOLIGHT ARCH went on sale
September 2015
Arrow Type LED Light HOLOLIGHT ARROW went on sale
November 2016
Opened Tokyo Office in Shiomi, Koto-Ku, Tokyo
Company with a board of directors was decided on the 10th regular stockholders meeting
September 2017
Established HOLOLIGHT Building in Tennocho, Higashi Ward, Hamamatsu City
October 2017
Head Office and HOLOLIGHT Factory were integrated
April 2019
Arch mini Type LED Light HOLOLIGHT ARCH mini went on sale
December 2019
Capital increased to 88.4 million yen
May 2020
Closed Tokyo Office
July 2020
HOLOLIGHT micro went on sale





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