Overhead Crane Safety Lighting: HOLOLIGHT Series


HOLOLIGHT utilizes highly bright LED and unique optical elements to form lighting patterns and colors. HOLOLIGHT combines a high-output light source with a proprietary lens system that manipulates light into a wide variety of shapes and LED lights that offer a long life, low power consumption and a high level of safety. These lights are designed to illuminate collimated beams, lines, arches, circles and more complex patterns.

Visual Warning for Cranes

Industrial accidents involving overhead cranes often result from workers being near the load. To prevent a person from colliding with the heavy load, we propose to illuminate the no-go zone with lighting.


HOLOLIGHT DOT-RING is an LED light that produces a bright dotted-circle pattern. It delineates a danger zone and warns workers from stepping into the area. Concerned about its visibility? HOLOLIGHT series incorporates patented technology, and the technology enables this product to work well for overhead cranes over 10m (30ft) up.


HOLOLIGHT RING in the picture projects a highly visible ring-shaped lighting. It delineates a danger zone around the load and warns workers from stepping in. HOLOLIGHT RING is best suited for cranes mounted around 6 meters high.


HOLOLIGHT LINE is an LED light that produces highly visible bright linear light. By using four units, the lights mounted on the crane outline a warning zone around the load. As the dangerous area is illuminated with lighting, workers take a safe distance from the load preventing a collision.

Crane Hook Position Target


When operating an overhead crane, HOLOLIGHT DOT-CROSS projects dot-cross lighting on the floor to show an unloading position. So, the lighting assists safe operation by warning workers nearby. The light is visible enough even in the bright location where sunlight comes in through the window or the gate. 


HOLOLIGHT DOT-RING CENTER is a newly innovated LED lighting device projecting highly visible point-to-ring light and a center-dot light powered by combining high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and optical elements. A single device can mark both a warning zone underneath the crane and lifting hook position to assist in safe and efficient overhead crane operation.





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